NanaSoos Natural Barefoot Trim Clinics – COMING SOON



NanaSoos Clinics is a one-day clinic that delivers the fundamental concepts of the hoof anatomy and basic skills needed to trim and/or understand how to achieve a healthy, well-maintained barefoot hoof, how to utilize the appropriate tools and how to check hoof balance using the NanaSoos Hoof Meter Reader as a guide.

  • Hoof care perspectives – the big picture
  • Hoof anatomy inside and out
  • How often to trim
  • Splits, cracks, and flares
  • Safety
  • Tool tips and techniques
  • Laminitis (Causes and Effects)
  • The Barefoot Trim
  • Checking your work
  • And more…

Clinics will be announced on or as they are scheduled. You may also Contact Us for information about upcoming clinics near you, or consider hosting a clinic yourself.
There’s a clinic for that….

Contact us to inquire about private instruction or customized one- or two-day clinics covering advanced hoof care topics.