NanaSoos Hoof Meter Reader




A MUST for ALL barefoot horse owners, veterinarians and professionals!

The All in One NanaSoos Hoof Meter Reader enables the user to compare a horses hoof measurements with data ranges documented for wild horse hooves. NanaSoos Hoof Meter Reader measurements are calibrated to wild horse published in The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild (1992)

  • Reads easily from both sides of the horse: no need to reach across one hoof to measure the other.
  • Compare your horse’s measurements with those of sound wild horse hooves.
  • Know when your horse’s hoof measurements are in the “natural” and “healthy” ranges or are “unnatural” and heading towards lameness.

Further Description:
Natural Hoof Care (NHC) encourages a sound, healthy and rugged hoof to grow from the inside out. The natural trim, when combined with other elements of NHC are together, your best defense against unnatural conditions such as Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis, Slipper Toe, Seedy Toe, WLD, Club Foot, EMS, Colic, Fescue Foot, Pasture Foot, Wry Foot, and other pathologies and symptoms.