Megasus Horserunners – COMING SOON



Megasus Horserunners are the first clippable runners for horses, a non-permanent hoof protection that is as easy to put on as it is to take off – just like your running shoes.
Without any iron or nails! But that´s not all.
Megasus Horserunners are the result of long-standing research and study of horse hooves for twenty years. We found the common understanding of the functioning of the hoof to be wrong. People still think that hooves are rigid and stiff only able to move 1-4mm on a horizontal plane – this is simply not the case.

As early as 1998, we proved the existence of vertical hoof movements and published our first study in the renowned science magazine GEO.
In a wedge experiment we glued wedges under one heel of horse’s hoof and found out that the hoof could compensate for wedges between 1-2 cm (0,4-0,8”) without any impact on the joint. From here we concluded that the hoof works similar to a joint, compensating uneven grounds. When fixing the hoof with rigid material such as iron, tendons and ligaments will become immobilized – a feeling comparable to wearing a cast.
Megasus Horserunners are flexible and allow all 3-dimensional natural hoof movements on any type of terrain. Flexible doesn´t mean soft, as the hoof itself isn´t soft. It means that the hoof protection should only move under the weight of the horse.

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